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April 8, 2021
Stage Fright: How to Perform as If You Aren't Actually Terrified

It's amazing how many famous performers suffer from a nervous condition called stage fright. You wouldn't think that hardened veterans of the stage and screen could feel so frightened before a performance, but they do. Artists such as Adele, Van Halen, and Rhianna suffer from stage fright before they sing live, so if you suffer […]

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September 18, 2019
Good Audition Songs to Sing That Will Impress the Judges

Image from Pixabay Are you working up the courage to audition for a singing role? Whether it's in theater, for a record contract, or for a competition show, like American Idol, the song you pick is critical. So, what are some good audition songs that will leave the best first impressions? Honestly, it depends. Picking […]

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April 9, 2019
The Greatest Acapella Groups of All Time

The Pitch Perfect movies introduced a broad audience to the world of acapella. The quirky cast delivered catchy renditions of some of the most iconic Top 40 tunes. If you think acapella is a new phenomenon, though, you are sorely mistaken. In fact, acapella groups have been delighting audiences for centuries. Whether you are a […]

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October 21, 2018
Best YouTube Channels for Singing for Beginners

You've never had formal singing instruction in your life, but you would like to learn how to sing? You also don't want to spend any money? Here's the perfect idea for you: watch a few YouTube channels that focus mainly on singing for beginners and those who are looking to improve their vocal techniques. Below are just […]

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April 2, 2018
Top 18 Easy Songs To Sing – Aspiring Professional Singer

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a music superstar? Whether you are an aspiring professional singer or simply want to excel at karaoke, you must know what songs are best for you to sing. Once you understand your voice and range, you can choose musical selections that will leave your audience in awe. Figuring out who […]

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March 21, 2018
5 Best iPhone Apps for Vocal Training
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January 30, 2018
10 Best Singing Warmups

As a singer, you need to make sure you’re properly warming up your voice before you trying singing. Warmups will help you loosen up your vocal cords and not strain your voice. They also help you reach the notes at the top and bottom of your range so it doesn’t hurt when you sing them! […]

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January 29, 2018
5 Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Learning guitar is not an easy process whatsoever, but it can be such a satisfying feeling in the end! Guitar is a good instrument to learn, whether you need it for singing around the campfire or plan on pursuing a career in being a singer/guitarist. After some research, I've found the best 5 guitar lessons […]

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January 29, 2018
How to Properly Use Diaphragmatic Breathing and Why It's Important

Diaphragmatic breathing is a very important technique in order to be a successful singer. In order to breathe properly from your diaphragm, it can be a little tricky at first. Luckily, there are vocal coaches that post on YouTube constantly in order to help ordinary people, like us, get the right balance. First, why is […]

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January 27, 2018
8 Best Home Remedies for a Sore Throat

We've all been there when we have a sore throat and have a big performance sometime in the near future. Now admit it, we all freak out internally (maybe even externally sometimes), and hit the web immediately to find a way to cure our sore throats in just one day. Don't fret (of course I […]

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January 26, 2018
How to Successfully Sing in Falsetto

Falsetto is most commonly used by men and is also used by women. If you don't already know what it is, the first question you should be asking yourself is "What is falsetto?" Falsetto is the range right above your modal range, which is the typical range that people sing in. Falsetto is often used by […]

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January 25, 2018
How to Expand Vocal Range

Expanding your vocal range does not have to be a hard task. If you want to be able to throw out those low, brassy alto notes, yet still sound like a fairy dancing on clouds with floaty, soprano notes, why shouldn't you be able to? Expanding your range gives you much more control over your […]

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Here you’ll learn to sing with ultimate control through reviews of online lessons, great articles on our blog, video and audio and much more…
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