Online Guitar Lessons - The Ultimate Roundup

Online guitar lessons... seem out of place at a site like The Singer's Corner.

But the only thing better than a singer that can hit perfect notes, is one that can do it while playing an instrument.

So here are the best options for learning the axe


More About Jam Play

JamPlay is a really great choice for learning with online lessons. I've tried the program and found it to be pretty straight forward. The lessons database is constantly growing (11 new hours of videos per month) and the team are always adding new songs (real songs, from real bands - for example, they recently added new sections on how to play Beatles songs. That's pretty awesome).

All the videos are shot in HD which makes watching them easy on the eyes. I never had to strain to see the fingering or fret positions, which really sucks when watching YouTube videos. I found that any level of guitarist from beginner to intermediate would find this training system easy and really useful.

Even advanced players will find something here for them - especially in the "Song" and "Genre" lessons. This is actually the best part about Jamplay in my opinion. After you've completed the initial training and have a grasp on your instrument, they allow you to focus on learning to play your favorite genre of music - from blues to metal to R&B. I was VERY excited about that part as I wanted to learn R&B styles.

All-in-all Jamplay is an awesome resource for learning how to play. I'd definitely recommend it as my first choice.


More About GuitarTricks

The Core Learning System is a revolutionary beginner-intermediate training program. It's got a total of over 8000 lessons which range from holding a pick to much more advanced concepts (making it the largest, most comprehensive training solution available). It is perfect for people who want to learn to play real music - not some boring traditional lesson songs.

When I first tried out the program I was thoroughly impressed. It really is one of the most comprehensive training solutions online. If you're already an expert there won't be much new but I was a complete beginner, and noticed a lot of intermediate training.

So even if you know how to play, you'll learn something. All-in-all - it's a great way to learn the instrument easily. I would watch the videos on my iPad with my instrument in hand - super convenient. The best part of the online course, though, was the real-life songs you get to learn. In no time you'll be playing stuff by Jimi Hendrix and so much more.

I highly recommend this system to learn how to play.


More About Jamorama

Jamorama is another tutorial available to you but it's a bit different than the two mentioned above. It doesn't have the same structure as the above programs, but is still jam packed with some pretty awesome training for beginners and intermediate students.

The course is offered by Mark McKenzie who is apparently known as "The Guitar Guy." I hadn't heard of him at first, and definitely doesn't have the big name that some courses do, but that doesn't put me off. I'm sure I'll still learn quite a bit, especially because Mark has lessons on integrating speed into your playing and a "workout" series which seems pretty great.

There are a few bonus pieces of software included with the already super-affordable price (you can't beat $10/month). You get software that helps train your ear for recognizing notes, chords, scales and more. That's super helpful when you're trying to learn a new song you heard on YouTube or the radio. You also get a music reading game, tuning software and a metronome to help with your timing.

Even though the training course doesn't have the bells & whistles as the other two, I still think it's a valuable course based on what's included. Definitely get it to learn about speed playing and some of the other tricks Mark teaches.


More About GuitarJamz

GuitarJamz is a company that offers you a few different option when wanting to learn how to play the guitar. They do have a membership area like the other training programs on this page, but also offer a series of different DVDs that you can purchase outside the membership.

This is a bit frustrating because the price of the membership is so much more expensive than other sites that you expect everything to be included - and it's easy to think when you see both DVDs and a membership available. But I don't think that's the case. When I looked at what was offered by GuitarJamz it seemed pretty all-inclusive.

So I think the DVDs are for people who don't want a membership, not in addition to the membership. Which is good - it's the beauty of the system. It's good for players who are complete beginners through to advanced. If you want to get everything (1500+ videos) and master the instrument as a beginner, go for the monthly membership. If you know how to play but want to improve a specific area, then go for a specific DVD set.

There's options for everyone so I do recommend this company. The only drawback is the expensive cost of the monthly membership. Check out some of the DVDs these guys offer and see if anything catches your interest - there's lots of options.



So What's The Best Training Program?

Now that you've seen and read about the top online guitar lessons available today I'm sure you're wondering which one to pick. I'd definitely suggest going through each of our detailed lesson reviews on this site before making up your mind. It's a lot of information to get through, but I'm sure it will help you make the best decision. If you're asking for my opinion then here it is:  

My Top Pick: I think it's best to subscribe to JamPlay AND Guitar Tricks.

Yes both. They offer different things and both can be beneficial.   Jam Play has some big names and a huge number of videos (and definitely the best lessons) and write-ups that cover virtually everything and then some - including singing while playing guitar. I like GuitarTricks because of the layout and interface, as well as the huge number of songs you get to learn. Plus they both have money back guarantees. I'd subscribe to both, then try out JamPlay first (since it's only a 7 day guarantee) and if I like it I'd stick with it. If not, cancel. No harm done. Then try out the other option, with this one you have a lot longer to decide whether you want to stick with it. Trying out both won't break the bank either. In fact subscribing to both for a month comes out to the same price as subscribing to GuitarJamz for a month. $30 won't necessarily break the bank and you have time to test it out.

My Runner Up Choice

If you're a little short on cash and can only try out one I'd go for Jamorama. It's the cheapest option at $10 per month and comes with a full money-back guarantee. Try it out for a couple of weeks and see if it fits your style of learning. If not, you may want to upgrade to one of the other courses.

What About The Other One?

Just because I didn't flat-out recommend GuitarJamz, doesn't mean it's a bad tutorial site. My decision was mostly based on price and perceived value. It seems like you can get a hell of a lot from the other three for half the price. That doesn't mean it's not good. Plus they have specific training DVDs that you might like. So check them out if that's something that interests you.  

Why You Should Consider Learning Online

I get it... this is a site about learning how to sing. But it's more than that - it's about how to be a professional musician, with a focus on singers and vocalists. That's why we even share guides on how to break into the music business as a singer. You could say that's not about singing - but it is. That's why we're sharing the best tutorials available to you. Because honestly - there's nothing sexier than a singer who can play an instrument. Whether it's the piano or any other instrument, learning to play will not only help with your singing but also your songwriting. Without proper knowledge of music theory it's even harder to write music than it is to sing it. Learning to play an instrument can help. And that's why if you truly hope to improve yourself as a versatile musician you'll learn to play.  

Why Learn Online? The reason you should opt for online guitar lessons is simple - the cost and convenience.


Problems with Traditional Lessons

With traditional lessons that you take in person you're so restricted - you have a set time when you learn something new and it's usually only half an hour a week. That's hardly time to really drill down. What's more is that each instructor knows a specific genre of music and has a specific style of teaching. If that's not the type of music you want to learn, you're stuck. And on top of all that, they're super expensive. It can run you over $100 per month! And that's only for 4 monthly sessions.  

The Beauty of Online Tutorials

With online lessons you get to learn at your pace, so if you want to learn and practice something new every day for a full week, that's your choice. If you want to learn a specific song right off the bat - that's your choice and you can. If you want to learn a specific style of music, these programs have sections for that. The possibilities are wide and varied when you have the convenience of modern training systems. And try getting a 60-day money back guarantee from a traditional instructor. Haha! Good luck!  


The Last Word

So here's the thing. If you want to sing, that's great and we've got you covered. But if you want my advice, it's to learn a musical instrument. It just opens up the doors for you as a singer in so many different ways. Imaging being able to sing along with your own playing in a live setting when the audience least expects it?And as a songwriter, well... you have to know your way around an instrument to be effective. It's tough to make a living as a singer alone. But if you're a well-trained and versatile musician, you have lots of opportunities to make money. Touring and performing live, music placements, songwriting and much more. It's ok if you don't have your own real instrument and don't want to buy one. Go to your local music store and rent a basic acoustic or electric for a month for $20. Then sign up for either GuitarTricks or Jam Play. That's another $15. So a total investment of $40 and you can learn to play an instrument and raise yourself to another level completely.

Practice everyday for a month.

Learn popular songs and sing them while you play the music.

Tell me that's not the most fun thing in the world to do...

Trust me, learn to play. You'll be glad you did.


Your Turn

Have you tried any of the above online guitar lessons? What are your experiences? Do you agree, disagree, have another lesson that you love? Tell us your experiences in the comments below! And if you liked this article please share it!

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