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 Here at we think that playing an instrument is an amazing skill that any singer can learn. And the 88 keys and voice go together like nothing else. It's a beautiful combination.

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HearAndPlay "Piano By Ear" HomeStudy Course

Cost: $82 one-time or 2 Monthly Payments of $41


  1. Unbelievable LIFE-TIME Money-Back Guarantee (yup - you read that right... lifetime..
  2. No Boring Theory - Only Stuff Useful to Playing
  3. Shows You How To Play By Ear, Not Just Sight-Reading Like Other Courses
  4. Tons of amazing bonuses included with purchase


  1. Higher Priced Than Other Options
  2. Written 300-page book - and reading isn't as fun as video tutorials

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More About the Hear And Play's Course

If you've been a reader of this site at all then you know we're huge fans of the people over at HearAndPlay. Jermaine Griggs is truly a talented instructor. This course was the very first purchase I made from and I've been a fan ever since. Their music and vocal programs are second-to-none in ease, quality and results.

The program is a 300-pg written book that goes over everything you need to know to start playing. What does that mean? That means when you're done, you'll be able to sit down at the keyboard and play a completely original, totally unique song on the spot, all by using your ear.

That's right... No written sheet music to worry about. No boring traditional songs to learn.

Just playing what you want - and making it sound amazing. That's why I love this program and highly recommend it to anyone (beginner or advanced player) looking to become a master at playing this instrument. And with a lifetime money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out.

Trust me - you'll love this program.

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Rocket Piano

Cost: $39.95 (online versions - instant download) or $199.99 (physical product - shipped to you)


  1. VERY Affordable price
  2. 8 week money-back guarantee
  3. Includes videos, audio exercises and learning games


  1. Easy to misinterpret details - especially in theory
  2. More traditional learning methods

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More About The Course

This is a pretty popular piano lesson online and has been around for a while. Unlike HearAndPlay's option, this tutorial is based more on traditional concepts. That's not to say it isn't effective, because it very much is effective. It's great for beginners and intermediate students.

You'll learn traditional music theory, and about sight reading, etc. There isn't much of a focus on playing by ear alone, but if you're looking to learn to play the traditional way - this may be the course for you. There's a lot of great extras too like tutorial videos, audio files and games. And like HearAndPlay, there's a few pretty nice bonuses included when you purchase Rocket Piano.

What's more is you'll also get access to SongPond for 30 full days absolutely free. SongPond is a place where you can go to learn your favorite popular songs for free online. So, although it's not as fun as playing by ear, you get the chance to learn a lot of great music and still come away with a new mastery of the keyboard.

Try it out - you don't have anything to lose.

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