Online Singing Lessons – Your Full Guide

So… Online Singing Lessons – there’s so many choices.

So before we talk about why you should use an online vocal course, let’s get right to our reviews of the best training available to you!

The Best of the Best

Here are the best options for learning how to sing and for becoming a better singer FAST.

Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method


  • $97 One-Time or
  • 3 Payments of $39.95


  1. Affordable w/ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Exclusive Exercises Not Available Elsewhere
  3. $119 of Free Bonuses


  1. Weird Exercises (but they work)
  2. May Need to Watch Videos a Couple Times to “Get It”


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More About This Program

People who want to get feedback on their vocal pitch, frequency, and intensity will truly love the concept behind Aaron Anastasi’s SSM. This program has already become one of the Internet’s most popular downloadable courses and its no surprise why – I loved it.

It’s very suitable for both beginners and advanced users alike. It is a video based online course that has supplemental worksheets and dozens of audio exercises for both men and women. All-in-all this is a really great vocal training program

However, the best part of this course is the fact that you have access to real-life support. You can ask Aaron questions about anything – something you’re having trouble with, clarification on a certain concept, or whatever. It is the next best thing to actually having a vocal coach. I seriously recommend this product. You can read our full SSM review here first.



  • Digital Download – $97 or
  • Physical Product – $299.95


  1. Includes Special Software To Help You Train Your Voice
  2. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Helps you Master the Fundamentals Properly
  4. Affordable Instant Download


  1. Can Only Be Used on Laptop/Computer
  2. No Payment Plan Option

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More About Singorama

Singorama is a software based program. This software was developed by world-renowned vocal coach Emily Mander, but she’s since left the company.  This is a complete course that has gained some widespread popularity on the internet and is pretty ideal for all kinds of singers, even beginners. This thing will definitely have you learning for a long time, but the rewards that await you at the end will be great.

The course covers all the basics and includes several exercises and warmups. The only downside to this otherwise great course is it is completely software based. This means you have to be by your computer to learn. If you don’t mind that, then it’s a great option for you.

The product is also risk free meaning that you will get a 60 day money back guaranteed period if you do not happen to like what you get from Singorama. So you will not have to worry about spending your hard earned money on a product that you might not like because of this awesome 60 day guarantee. Read our entire Singorama Review.

Brett Manning’s Singing Success


  • $199.95 one-time or
  • 2 Payments of $99 or
  • 4 Payments of $49.75


  1. Made by Taylor Swift and Keith Urban’s Coach
  2. Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation
  3. 6 Month (yup) Money Back Guarantee


  1. Expensive
  2. Lots of Material
  3. August 2014 Update: Some of the vocal exercises may not be good to do – read our review to learn more.

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More About This Program

First up – Brett Manning’s great program. Renowned voice coach Brett Manning is responsible for training the likes of Taylor Swift and Paramore’s Hayley Williams. He is a respected individual within the music community and he also happens to be the brains behind the course. This app includes 12 CD’s that all come with 17 different voice lessons. They are also considered to be the program’s “meat.”

The audio quality of this online voice lesson is outstanding. You will have no trouble listening to what Brett Manning has to say and he also explains each topic quite well. The good thing about this is that the CD’s can be easily burned to your PC allowing you to store them in MP3 players so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Brett Manning’s SS is a great product for anyone who is looking to improve his or her vocal prowess. (Update: Make sure you read our review to learn about why you may not want to buy this product). You can read our full Review.

HearAndPlay’s Vocal Mastery System


  • Single Payment of $125
  • 2 Payments of $65 (+ $5 fee)
  • 3 Payments of $45 (+ $10 fee)


  1. Teaches how to sing in any key without straining voice
  2. Shows you how to develop your own style
  3. Free 3 Month “Monthly Music Mentor” Subscription
  4. Tons of other free bonuses
  5. Physical DVDs or Digital Download (your choice)


  1. Overseas customers must call to make purchase
  2. 10 DVDs worth is a lot of video to get through

Read Our Full Hear And Play Vocal Mastery Review

More About Hear And Play’s Program

Personally, I love all of the products that come from the company HearAndPlay and their Vocal Mastery System is great. I first heard of them when I was trying to learn how to play piano. I bought their course and absolutely loved it. They way they teach you is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It is basic concepts broken down in an easy-to-understand way without too much technical mumbo-jumbo.

The 10 DVD system is an absolutely stellar product. They go into many different areas of really controlling and mastering your voice. There is a lot of work on the fundamentals, but also advanced things like runs, riffs and more. So even if you’re an experienced singer, you’ll likely learn something new from this product.

The only thing that may throw some people off is the fact that HearAndPlay is a company that specializes in Gospel Music. Don’t run away scared now, just because of that, doesn’t mean they’ll turn you into a Gospel singer. The fact is with the HearAndPlay system you’ll learn how to master a soulful, full and powerful voice no matter what genre of music you sing. I highly recommend this product. Read our full Vocal Mastery Review.

Buy Online Singing Lessons Above and get This Exclusive Bonus

If you purchase SSM or any other program through the links at you’ll get a FREE e-book written by PBE Music about how to start a successful career as a professional singer.

The book is called How To Become a Singer or Rapper: The Ultimate Starters Guide and gives you real-world information on writing and recording songs, promoting your music, touring, making money and the truth about major label record deals.

This is bombshell information that you CANNOT live without if you’re an aspiring singer.

To learn how to get the free bonus, read one of our full reviews above.

Big Up To You

If you’re on this page then you’re probably serious about becoming a better singer.

And that’s a great thing.

Most people want to become a singer, but aren’t willing to invest in themselves to improve their craft.

But you – you’re different.

You know that even the best singers in the world constantly work and learn to improve themselves – often with a professional vocal coach.


But a coach isn’t for everyone. They…

  • Are expensive
  • Only work with you once a week
  • Have short, half-hour session
  • Don’t always care as much as you do about your voice

Yea.. sucks I know.

My Story with Online Singing Lessons

When I first started taking this stuff seriously, I wasn’t sure where I should turn. I knew I had to improve my voice to really compete with the amazingly talented singers already out there. But how?

Could I Do It For Free?

Like anyone, I tried looking online for free ways to improve my voice. I mean the Internet has everything right? Well… not exactly. Here’s what I found

  1. Useless fluff-filled crap articles that didn’t really help
  2. Websites that made no sense, or had nothing to do with what I needed
  3. People claiming to know how to sing, but no real proof
  4. Viruses!! Yep – I tried to download free copies of the paid online singing lessons and got burned… HARD

Practice Everyday?

Makes sense right? Just sing everyday – try new songs, practice going higher. Just DIY! (do-it-yourself)

Nope. I was so lost and didn’t feel like I was improving AT ALL.

The problem was I had no idea HOW to practice. I didn’t know the types of exercises I needed to do to make a real difference.

Personal / Private Coach?

A vocal coach didn’t really seem like a good option. I wanted to be a REAL singer – someone who did this professionally. And being from a small town (read: not New York or LA) I didn’t think any of the local song coaches could take me to that level.

I needed a professional, not a choir teacher…

Enter The Life Saver

So finally, after a bunch of frustration and getting nowhere. I decided to bite the bullet and try out some of the paid online singing lessons.

I could go after the super expensive options like Berklee’s full vocal course – I just couldn’t afford it.

So I set out and tried the cheaper lessons. To my surprise – there were some REALLY GOOD options, right up my alley.

See the reviews above to learn about what I found…

Your Turn

Well, that’s it for me. Those are my absolute favorites for beginners and experts alike. I’d recommend looking at all of them and making your choice based on your preferred method of learning.

All of the courses themselves are great and will definitely take you leaps and bounds beyond where you are as a singer right now. All I can really say is DEFINITELY get one courses at least. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to get all three and learn everything you can because.. well… you love to sing.

But I want to hear from you too. What are your favorite lessons? Do you have any favorites that have helped you to become a better singer? I’d love to hear about it so feel free to leave me a comment below and share your thoughts!

And if you liked this post, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+! I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

Here’s to your success! Cheers.


  1. I want 2 be a good singer, i love music very well, but i can’t see myself doing what i want. I want 2 be very good in sining pls i need ur help.

    • Hi Bright,

      Thanks for the comment. Don’t ever limit yourself or feel you can’t do it. If you want to become a better singer, then you will if you work hard at it. I’d definitely suggest checking out one of the vocal lessons that we review on this page. They’ll really help you get a better singing voice.

      And of course read some tips from this site and others and just always practice and try to improve your voice with the proper techniques. If you have any specific questions feel free to get in touch or leave a comment.

  2. Hi. Lovely information. Helped a lot.Just wanted to know, how do you know if your chords are damaged? And if pain is a symptom, what sort of pain? Is it the type of pain you can mistake? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Keziah,

      Thanks for your question – it’s a good one. I think if you do feel pain, you have definitely damaged something and should get it checked out right away. But singing the wrong way may damage your vocal chords in less noticeable ways too. It may be possible to miss the damage being done, out of habit.

      The best thing to do is to see a doctor if you have suspicions. They can check for strain.

      Also, don’t ever strain your voice when singing. You shouldn’t have to strain to even hit high notes. If you do feel like you’re straining your voice then you want to practice the vocal exercises and singing styles in a professional singing lesson. It can help you with proper vocal technique.

  3. i really do have a light voice and i dont like how it sound but anytime i try to add deep effect to it i will lost my voice pls what can i do to deepen the voice because when ever i try to deepen the voice it sound fine but but in few minutes later i will lost it

    • Hi Joshua,

      The thing about singing is you shouldn’t have to strain your voice or make it sound unnatural. Some people just don’t have deep voices, and thus, shouldn’t try singing super deep. Work with the voice you have – whether its higher pitched or lower pitched. Don’t try to artificially make it deeper.

      With the voice you have you can train it to sound proper no matter what notes you’re trying to sing. But that’s different than making it deeper. Unfortunatley I don’t know of anything you can do to make your voice deeper, so I’d suggest just singing with your natural voice, but picking up one of the singing lessons above to train yourself on how to hit all the notes properly.

      Thanks for the question!

  4. Hi,
    I am not much of a singer but I am the leader of a youth group at my church. I am really handy with instruments but I am very disorganized and confused when it comes to helping the girls with singing (mostly because I don’t know how to teach it). Is there any product that you would advise me to buy that would not only help me improve my voice but also help me teach singing.

    Thank You

    • Hi Matheus,

      Thanks for your comment. Any of the programs on this page would be great choices to improve your singing voice. Personally, I lean more toward Superior Singing Method (for no main reason in particular – just preference, at this point).

      Having said that it really depends on your goals – is it to just help the kids sing better in general, or more in a particular styles (i.e church choir/gospel style).

      If you’re hoping to help them improve their gospel/church style I’d say go with Hear And Play’s Vocal Mastery program. If you just want to teach them how to be better with their voice generally, you could go with any of the above programs.

      I think if you were to go through an entire course at least once it would give you the tools (i.e. types of voice exercises and vocal lessons, tips/tricks, etc) to improve your voice and help teach your youth group better (since you’d be learning/implementing those same methods).

      I’d say just pick one that speaks to you personally and try it out. There’s a money-back guarantee for all the programs, so if you don’t end up liking a particular one, you can return it and try another.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  5. Are these the only programs you have taken? they all seem like programs based for pop and rnb, any rock ones? Ken Tamplin? Jaime Vendera? Eli Prinsen? i would REALLY like to know what you think about Eli Prinsens courses, its affordable at 120$.

    • Hey David,

      These are the only programs I’m very familiar with. I haven’t tried Eli’s program but thanks for the recommendation! I’m going to try checking it out and if I do I’ll be sure to write a review about it!

      Thanks again!

  6. Hi. I have no training when it comes to singing. I have always wanted to sing, but I am very wary because I’ve heard myself sing and it’s definitely not glamorous. I was wondering if you had any tips. Also, do you think any one of these programs is better for beginners than the others?

    • Hey Jude,

      Thanks for your comment. I know how you feel because I’ve been there too. There are some good tips on our homepage and on this page here.

      Personally, as a beginner I think I would prefer Superior Singing Method. That’s my favorite program, but the others are just as good. If you want to learn more gospel/soul/r&b singing, then I’d suggest the Hear and Play Vocal Mastery course.


  7. Hi,
    I an really focused on my singing and i am really good but someone when you have to raise you voice i just can’t raise i make a deep and lower voice whick makes it even worse can you please help me. Bye And Thankyou! 🙂

  8. Hi! Awesome article! Really informative, but for me, there’s a problem: I don’t have any money. That doesn’t mean “oh, I’m too poor,” it means “I’m 14 and I want to make money BY singing.” But I’m an absolute…newbie. (It’s depressing to admit that, but I guess I have to) Any free/extremely cheap ways to improve my voice to the point of making a little money and being able to invest more?

  9. I am confused.
    it states this on your web site
    If you purchase SSM or any other program through the links at you’ll get a FREE e-book written by PBE Music about how to start a successful career as a professional singer……..
    I must be getting old. Because for me to be able to buy SSM I have to go to this web site
    and that is not on this web site
    How do I get the book How To Become a Singer or Rapper: The Ultimate Starters Guide and gives you real

    • Hi Thomas,

      No it is not this site, it is a payment processing site called clickbank that handles sales of the product Superior Singing Method. To be eligble for the free bonus ebook, though, you must use this link to purchase.

      Once you do that, email me your order # and I’ll send you the free ebook – hope that helps!

  10. Hello. I was just leaving a comment just to see how fast of a response I’d receive. I’m leaning towards the “Hear and Play” lessons. I’m going to do a little more research before I purchase, but that one seems to interest me the most. How was it?

    • Hey Jefferson,

      I think Hear And Play’s program is good because of who its taught by and how it’s taught. If you’re looking to sing R&B/Gospel/Soul style then its probably a good choice.

  11. I want to learn singing from a to z to sing in a band like a professional singer . If I start these exercises with atleast 2 hours daily practice with full determination , how much time it will take to learn vocals…??

    • That really depends on you and the program you pick, and you can’t be 100% sure how long anything will take. But as long as you work at it you’ll get it! A lot of people that have picked up these programs have commented on this blog that they noticed a difference in their voice almost immediately.

  12. Hey, so when I sing I sound kind of nasally, but when I try REALLY hard, the nasal goes away for a little bit… and I do sound quite a bit better, but it never lasts long. >> These courses would help with all that?
    I have an amazing range for an untrained voice, no problems keeping on key, but I sound awful while doing it. xD I write music, so I would like to get better at singing them. :3

    • Hey thanks for the comment – I think that a nasal sound has to do with air flow so if that’s true then these programs may help you since it does help with your breathing technique. I couldn’t tell you for sure though.

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