Hear and Play Vocal Mastery Review

Hear and Play ReviewCost:

  • $125 One Time Payment or
  • 2 Payments of $65 (+ $5 fee)
  • 3 Payments of $45 (+ $10 fee)

Course Length:

  • 10 Weeks (if done 1 lesson per week)
  • 10 DVD Vocal Training Sessions
  • 1 Additional Bonus Lesson + PDF Trascript of Entire Course

Course Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate



  1. Instant Online Access or Physical DVD Product (your choice)
  2. Vocal Exercises Exclusive to Hear And Play (won't find them anywhere else)
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  1. Lots of Videos (not a bad thing, but can be overwhelming)
  2. Requires daily practice (not really a con, but most people hate practice)
  3. Not a ton of bonuses (but the content itself is amazing and worth the price)

Buy Hear And Play Vocal Mastery If...

  • Are a beginner but want to skip the baby steps and get to the real deal singing lessons
  • You can already sing but want to protect the health and longevity of your voice
  • You want to sing high notes without relying on falsetto
  • You want to master riffs and runs and learn how to use them effectively
  • You want to triple your vocal range 


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Now onto the rest of the review. 🙂

What I Think of Hear And Play Vocal Mastery

Hear And Play is a company that specializes in training musicians of all types. They're one of my favorite companies on the Internet that have to do with music lessons.

And I've purchased a lot of their products and have never been dissatisfied. They are some really great people and it's more in line with the type of songs that I like to create.

A Little About Hear And Play

Hear And Play was started by a man named to Jermaine Griggs who was a gospel music singer.

Although it's true that a lot of Hear and Play's courses are based on gospel music, it doesn't mean normal singers can't benefit from them.

I don't sing gospel music but I really feel like the vocal mastery series will make me a better singer.

When I first learned about the vocal mastery series I was very excited.

That's because I bought Hear and Play's piano courses prior to this to learn how to play piano and was very pleased with the way everything was set up.

The 10 DVD Vocal Mastery System

The 10 disc vocal mastery course by Hear and Play is a really great course for beginners intermediate singers and even people who are very experienced with singing.

There are 10 different DVDs that are included in the course. Nena, the instructor, goes into the details of a lot of different things and will have you singing like a professional in no time.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd1DVD 1 - Essentials 101

The first DVD is called essential vocal techniques and fundamentals.

You'll learn how to stand and breathe properly when you're singing, how to use your mouth and tongue and how to pronounce vowels correctly. How you pronounce consonants  and the different facial expressions you make when singing are also covered.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd2DVD 2 - Essentials 102

In the next DVD it's a continuation of the 101 beginner vocal techniques and fundamentals singing lesson.

In the 102 course what you learn is a little bit more challenging. It basically builds upon the stuff that you learned in the 101 course.

You are going to start exploring different things like octaves, slides and transitioning between your head and chest voice. You'll also learn a little bit about blending and vocal range.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd3DVD 3 - Essentials 103

The third DVD is essential vocal techniques and fundamentals 103. This is all about how you can sing very long phrases without having to take a bunch of breaths while doing it.

You learn different exercises you can use to build up the skill.

You're also going to learn how to use each note that you sing in a precise and not lazy manner. A lot of people have lazy tongue and you're going to learn how to avoid that with these different exercises.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd4DVD 4 - Style 101

The next DVD in the vocal mastery system is called vocal stylization techniques. Vocal styalization techniques are all about dynamics.

In The first DVD of the section you learn the basics of dynamics and why it's important to learn how to use these to set your singing apart from everybody else.

You will go through three different exercises and a lot of different activities to help perfect your vocal stylization. You will learn more about the following:

  • energy usage,
  • manipulating your volume,
  • crying and sighing,
  • vibrato,
  • straight tones and
  • much much more

This is a really great DVD in the pack.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd5DVD 5 - Stylization 102

In the second DVD you're going to learn about crescendos, decrescendo's, consonance and enunciation, breath marks and even accents.

Again there's a number of exercises that you'll use to help strengthen the real-life use of these examples. This is a really great course and by this point I'm sure you'll really really be loving the stuff you learn.

Side Note:

Even though I do really like the other online singing lessons as well, like the superior singing method (reviewed here) and singing success (reviewed here), I find that Hear and Play's courses are broken down in a very easy to understand, digestible format.

The others are too, but because Hear And Play also has stuff that was more my style - urban/r&b/jazz/blues/etc - the vocal mastery series by Hear and Play is definitely a course I wanted to get regardless of any other singing lessons I take.

OK... Back to the review

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd6DVD 6 - Modes & Scales

In the next DVD in the vocal mastery series it's all about vocal modes and scales. You going to learn how modes let you know where you're going to go while your sing.

This is especially important when you start soloing and doing runs. You're going to turn what could be risky into something that's confident.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd7DVD 7 - Riffs, Runs and Arpeggios

The next DVD is all about vocal riffs runs and arpeggios. With these basic techniques you will learn how to build upon what you learned in the previous DVD.

You'll get the backbones of various arpeggios, riffs and runs and you'll learn a bunch of unique patterns that you can using your own singing.

This is why really love this course because it goes into things that other courses don't necessarily go into. You're going to learn a lot throughout the different singing lesson DVDs included in this course.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd8DVD 8 - Riffs, Runs and Arpeggios

The next DVD included in here is just the 102 course for vocal riffs runs and arpeggios. You will basically be further stylizing your runs and riffs and learning much more advanced techniques on how you can really set yourself apart from other people with your singing.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd9DVD 9 - Professional Runs 101

The next two DVDs, which are the last two DVDs, are based on what are called professional runs. In this DVD set you're going to use something called the running game where you're taken step-by-step through different ways to run with your voice and how to break them down into smaller pieces.

The professional runs are the things that really make you shine compared to other singers so these two DVDs are very important to go through once you've already mastered the stuff in the previous DVDs. You really want your voice to be in top shape before you try hitting up some of these professional runs.

hear-and-play-vocal-mastery-dvd10DVD 10 - Professional Runs 102

In the second DVD of this section you can learn more advanced techniques that incorporate everything that you've learned from all the previous videos.

You can take stuff like proper posture, breathing, octaves, rhythm vibrato crescendos the crescendos size cries and more and you're going to take them all and bring them together into a absolutely breathtaking and spectacular performance. In this DVDs you're going to bring everything together and really hit a homerun with your voice.

Overall Thoughts About Hear And Play Vocal Mastery

All in all this is probably one of the best singing courses I've seen online. Whether you're a singer that is just starting out or you're a singer that is very experienced and almost professional I would recommend this product wholeheartedly.

The people at Hear and Play really do a great job with all their musical training and I support them 100%.

They are one of my favorite companies online - and that's because I've been satisfied with their products multiple times. This is a really stellar, top-notch course that covers everything you need to know to sing like some of the greatest singers on the planet.

The Verdict

If you've ever loved the way singers like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and others with a really powerful strong voices do what they do this is a course that will help you get there.

Even if you purchase the superior singing method, singing success, or Singorama (which I truly recommend also - the more you learn the better you'll get), I would really recommend getting this course as well.

It really is different from the other courses that you might take for singing. The other courses will give you a solid foundation - which you need - but this course will probably help you get to another level beyond that.

The Vocal Mastery DVD set approaches it from a different style in a different technique and it really helps expand your vocal range and the amount of different types of singing that you're able to do. All in all it's a really great course.

I'd recommend starting with either the Superior Singing Method or Singing Success. Once you've mastered that pick up a copy of Hear And Play Vocal Mastery here.

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