The Ultimate Singorama Review

Singorama ReviewsIs Singorama Really The Essential Guide to Singing?


Different Options:

  • Singorama 2.0 Instant Download - $99.95
  • Physical Product - $299.95
  • Platinum Inner Circle Membership - $27/month

Course Length:

  •  6+ Weeks or At Your Own Pace
  • 28 Different Audio Lessons + Vocal Exercises, Original Practice Songs
  • Accompanying PDF Workbook
  • Special Exclusive Software

Course Skill Level: Beginner and Intermediate Singers

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  1. Tons of material with all the different things included in program
  2. Includes studio software you can use to record your songs and practice sessions
  3. Affordable digital download option
  4. Goes through all the essentials you need to learn to sing properly
  5. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  6. Try out their free 5 day mini singing course before you commit to the full program.


  1. Lots of material to get through (can take time)
  2. Expensive Physical Product (but the digital download is more convenient anyways)
  3. So much stuff included its hard to utilize it all (ex/ software, etc.)
  4. Requires fast internet connection for digital download (unless you want to wait a long time)
  5. Can't make MP3s/CDs of lessons - have to stay by your computer/laptop

Buy Singorama If...

  • You are new to singing and want a crash course on how to sing correctly
  • Know how to sing but want to improve your overall fundamentals
  • You need help with pitch, control, tone and other rudiments of singing
  • You want to try out a professional singing course risk-free
  • You don't mind learning at your laptop/computer

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Now onto the rest of the review. 🙂

My Personal Singorama Experience

So if you've read the other online singing lesson reviews on this site you know I love learning - especially about singing. But this is one program I haven't had the chance to complete yet.

I have gone through the material a bit and I can definitely say (from my experience with other singing courses) that this program is definitely worth the money and on par with other singing lessons.

It is called "the essential guide to singing" for a reason - it goes through all the stuff you need to know in order to become a good or better singer.

One Day...

I can say that I do want to finish the program thoroughly so I can give a detailed review of how it works on your voice. But until then, you can trust that this is a popular program for a reason.

I talked to someone who went through the program and they had good things to say about it. They recommended the program to me in the first place and that's why I decided to check it out.

I have used software like the ones included in Singorama. Pitch software and recording software is essential to anyo

ne trying to really improve their voice.

Singorama ScamAnother Experience

Christine bought Singorama because she loved to sing and always wanted to become a professional singer. But she knew she needed to really train her voice properly. So she decided to go with this option and dedicated the next couple months to practice.

The results were dramatic and anyone who heard her "before and after" could tell the difference.

She used to sing a lot in her head voice because she didn't have a good breathy tone. But within the first month of practice that a

ll changed.

The Biggest Change

But the biggest change for her was after lesson 2 when she found her mix voice. That was the happiest moment for her and the moment she knew she was on the road to sounding like a professional.

Christine still practices everyday - because as with anything, practice is super important, even if you have the best singing lessons to learn from.

Final Recommendation

If you really want to learn how to improve the fundamentals of your singing voice you need to buy this program. The sheer amount of material you get included with this is worth the $99 price.

The software that's included is amazing because it helps you perfect your pitch and then make sure by recording yourself with the studio software.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced singer, Singorama will get you to a place where you'll constantly improve your voice - as long as you keep practicing.

It's a really decent price, has lots of useful material, and a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don't improve your voice in the first month like Christina did you can send it back for a full refund.

So what have you got to lose?

Review of Singorama

Additional Details about Singorama

Good For Any Level of Singing Skill

It works for beginners and intermediate students and even pros will probably find something that'll help increase their vocals, even if just a little bit. It's a complete course and has enough material to keep you learning for a very, very long time. It also includes singing software that will help you train your voice.

The course basically consists of a bunch of different audio lessons along with some workbooks and software that help you while you're going through the different lessons. The singing system really covers a lot of different techniques and stuff that you need to learn in order to effectively use your voice.

Singorama Review

What's Included

They go through harmony, breathing techniques, theory, posture and a whole lot more that many singers don't really know when first starting out. It's organized into different lessons that focus on specific topics.

Beyond stuff about how to sing it also covers things like stage presence and how you should feel and how to express yourself really while you're performing. A nice added little bonus to Singorama is that it comes with a songwriting course. This minicourse kind of teaches you how to write your own unique songs.

It's a really killer part and a big advantage to this course over others.

28 Audio Lessons

Part 1 - Getting Started as a Singer

Audio Lesson 1: Introduction & Understanding Your Own Voice
Audio Lesson 2: Warm Ups and Strengthening Your Voice
Audio Lesson 3: Loaded Sonancy Method (Breathing and Posture)

Part one of Singorama is really about getting started as a singer and understanding your own voice. You go through different warm-ups and how you can strengthen your voice. It also delves into how to breathe and make sure you position your body correctly for the best singing voice possible. Essential stuff.  Here are some of the types of vocal exercises:

  • the live role,
  • siren,
  • warm upscales,
  • the 121 exercise and more

Part 2 - Vocal Technique

Audio Lesson 4: Tone
Audio Lesson 5: Pitch & Staying in Tune
Audio Lesson 6: Bridged Vocalization (Chest vs. Head Voice)
Audio Lesson 7: Bad Habits to Avoid
Audio Lesson 8: Octave Power Generator Part 1 (Increasing Your Range)

The second part of the software is all about vocal techniques - this is important stuff. You will learn things like making sure your voice sounds proper and the different types of voices you have.

A great section is the different bad habits that you want to avoid as a singer - so many singers make these fatal mistakes.

It also goes into extending your vocal range which is something EVERY singer wants to do and singorama does a pretty good job at helping that.

Part 3 - Music Theory Essentials

Audio Lesson 9: Time Signatures, Key Signatures & Rhythm
Audio Lesson 10: Major and Minor Keys; The Solfege System
Audio Lesson 11: Intervals and Solfege 

The next part is all about the technical stuff - this may seem boring but it's important so don't skip over it. There's a lot of music theory that you need to learn. You need to know about how music works so you can actually create music that is pleasing to a human's ear. Thing's like time signatures, key signatures, major and minor keys are the basics you need to understand.

The Solfege System is something that can really help you learn to train and improve your voice now and in the future. It's a nice little addition to the music theory section.

Part 4 - Singing Styles

Audio Lesson 12: Different Styles of Singing
Audio Lesson 13: Progressive Interval Training
Audio Lesson 14: How to Sing Different Genres of Music

There are different singing styles that the vocal lesson gets into in this part of the audio lesson. It's got a couple different styles of music and various genres that you can sing.

Part 5 - Dissecting a Song

Audio Lesson 15: Understanding the Meaning of a Song - Lyrics and Tone
Audio Lesson 16: Understanding the Meaning of a Song - Emotion & Personality
Audio Lesson 17: Making Your Own Song
Audio Lesson 18: Learning a Full Song Part 1
Audio Lesson 19: Learning a Full Song Part 2

In this section you disect a song and get to know it's inner workings. Really cool stuff. You learn entire songs in this course, unlike some other courses online. You learn about the meaning of the song from lyrics, tones, emotion and personality. You learn about making your own song and singing different songs that are already written.

Part 6 - Moving You Forward as a Singer

Audio Lesson 20: Solutions to Common Problems
Audio Lesson 21: Your Future as a Singer
Audio Lesson 22: Octave Power Generator Part 2
Audio Lesson 23: Live Performance Tips
Audio Lesson 24: How to Ace Auditions
Audio Lesson 25: Writing Your First Song
Audio Lesson 26: How to Sing with a Band
Audio Lesson 27: Performance Anxiety
Audio Lesson 28: Final Overview

The section after that talks about a lot of different things that will help you move forward in your singing career. It covers different problems that singers face, what your future could be as a singer, different performance tips, auditioning, songwriting and even singing in a band. Also talked about is stage fright and overcoming performance anxiety.

This section is really a starting point to additional study. Each of these audio lessons could be an entire course on its own. But it's really good primer.

The Octave Power Generator Part 2 is in this section of the course for some reason. It will help you increase your range and vocal power even more.

The Included Bonuses


The PDF workbook that come with Singorama is a written companion to the above audio lessons. There's also a book that shows you how to read music.

This is a skill that you're definitely going to want to learn especially if you're working with other musicians.


Perfect Pitch Software
Mini Recording Studio

The software included is a sort of mini recording studio and a pitch training program all in one. It will really help you get your voice on point. To be able to tell if you're improving and to tell if you're really singing right you need to record yourself and analyze your voice.

You hear yourself through the bones in your head so it's not how it will sound to others listening to you sing. That's why this recording studio software is so essential. What's even better is it comes with a pitch training tool too.

And there's also something that'll help you improve your sight reading of music. Sight reading is indeed important, but won't really help your voice. But it will help you sing songs you love as long as you've got the sheet music.

SingoramaHow is Singorama Overall?

Overall this is a really great course with lots of different parts. The add-ons alone make it worth the expensive price. This is only true however if you don't mind learning at your computer.

The majority of the course is in audio files that are included in the software, but the book that's included in it does contain a lot of reading material as well.

Something for Everyone

You can either read the first part or the second part of the book - you don't have to read both. The first part is for beginners while the second part is aimed at the more experienced singers. There are links within the books to audio files which make it really easy to flip back-and-forth between examples.

There are also two additional books that are included with Singorama. These books are about reading music and learning different techniques for singing. There's over 1 GB of software and different audio examples included in the product, so if you have a slow Internet connection it might take a while to get it all.

Or maybe not...

Also if you don't like learning by the computer then you're going to want to go with a different course like Brett Manning's Singing Success or something like the Superior Singing Method. These courses are a little easier to do while mobile because they are video and audio stream based.

The Best Part

The great thing about this product is the sheer amount of content you get - both in terms of the amount of stuff included in the package, and the actual lessons/exercises. This makes the price of the software package - which is high - more understandable.

The Drawback

Unfortunately with this course you don't have anybody to answer any questions for you. If you're looking for something where you can actually have 1 on 1 feeback from a vocal coach then you definitely want to go with either singing success which has a 15 minute consultation, or the superior singing method which has a online help area.

The Verdict

All in all it's a great course and whether you're an experienced or intermediate singer, you're going to learn something about how to sing with this course. I think I'd personally prefer the other three courses that I reviewed on the site because they are easier to use on the go and it's just more conducive to the way I learn.

However if you don't mind the way the software package works then this is a great course for you and I'd really recommend it.

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