Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano: A Comprehensive Review and Guide

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January 15, 2024

Indeed, the invention of the digital piano in the late 1920s revolutionized the use of a classical instrument with a deep, well-established history. Technological advances in synthesizing and sound layering embraced the digital piano and other recently developed digital instruments. Lets get to know one of those digital instruments, the Williams Legato 88 key digital piano.

Most significantly was the increase in practicality of owning an instrument. Thus, instead of squeezing a baby grand or upright piano in a corner, parents with kids can simply buy a digital piano to prop up against a bedroom wall or even rest on the couch.

When selecting an electronic instrument, it is important to consider price, sound and playability. Also, it is easy to spend a lot of money on an instrument with features a non-professional musician cannot fully utilize.

Consider who will playing for what purpose when purchasing a new piano. This review considers the Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano to help buyers determine whether it is the right fit for their home.

Overview of the Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

williams legato 88 key digital piano overview

This digital keyboard is for casual piano playing and convenience. The Legato piano has several notable features. It uses 88 semi-weighted keys instead of hammer action keys.

Hammer action keys try to mimic the hammer-activated sound of a non-digital acoustic piano. Playing with hammer action keys may better replicate playing a non-digital piano and have a wider range of velocity. The semi-weighted keys, while non-hammer, still capture a range of velocity and are touch-sensitive to changes in dynamics.

A built-in metronome and speakers aid in practice and performance. The metronome is especially useful for young learners trying to perfect rhythms and time signatures. Five sounds, including piano, electric piano, bass, synth and organ, display the advantages of a digital piano.

Players can play with and layer different tones, as well as use reverb and chorus effects, to create unique pieces or to simply have fun. When creating sound, the keyboard can reach a 32-note polyphony, meaning it can sustain 32 notes at one time. This is a relatively low and basic amount when compared to high-end digital pianos that advertise 64, 96 or 128 notes of polyphony.

The piano comes with five installed songs from McCarthy Music software. It is a highly portable piano option that can be powered by six D cell 1.5V batteries or with an AC power adapter, neither of which one gets upon purchase.

There are jacks for headphones, stereo/mono lines and a USB midi connection option for storing music.

Pros of the Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

  • Economical price
  • Portability
  • Special sound effects
  • Fully sized keyboard

Cons of the Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

  • Power supply not included
  • Limited polyphony
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Benefits of Playing Piano

Playing Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

People of all ages can benefit from learning a new instrument. Children who learn an instrument learn the value of practice and develop the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. Also, adults who learn an instrument find a new way to relax and can engage more deeply with their favorite pieces of music. Other advantages of playing piano include the following:

  • One develops memory capabilities through learning note names and memorizing pieces of music. This tool carries over into other arenas of life, such as academics.
  • Learning piano means learning to read both treble and bass clefs, which makes it easier to learn more instruments in the future.
  • Piano is a social instrument. Music, especially piano music, has brought people together for centuries. It is fun to play along as people sing or dance at social gatherings.
  • It is simple to pick up, as all that you need is a keyboard. Music and lessons aid in learning the instrument and one can find online or purchased at a local music store.
  • Increased confidence results from the ability to do something, and with enough practice, to do it well. The confidence fostered through music positively shapes everyday life.

FAQs About Digital Pianos

williams legato 88 key digital piano

After making a decision to learn the piano, the next dilemma is finding an instrument on which to learn. For many people in the modern age, purchasing and storing a digital keyboard is easier than purchasing and maintaining an acoustic instrument.

Below are some answers to common questions people have when navigating the world of digital pianos.

How to store a digital piano?

One advantage of owning a digital piano is its easy storage capability. One can store most models wherever there is space, even if that means storing it vertically behind the ironing board. Well-ventilated and dry spaces are ideal to protect internal mechanisms.

Which digital piano to buy for beginners?

Popular electronic keyboard brands include Yamaha, Hamzer, Casio, Alesis, Korg and Williams. Most have models that range from beginner to professional. The ideal beginner’s piano is portable, produces standard sound quality and has at least six octaves of playable keys.

How long will a digital piano last?

While the internal mechanisms and electronic functions of the piano may last for many years, advances in technology can shorten the lifetime of a digital piano. Each year models come out with new sounds and recording features that are impossible for older models to outrank.

Functionality also depends on how often one plays the piano. Many digital pianos can last between 10-20 years.

Can a digital piano replace an acoustic piano?

As of today, a digital piano has yet to perfectly mimic an acoustic piano. The sound production mediums are different as one relies on technology and the other relies on physics.

However, remarkable advances in technology enable electronic instruments to produce high-quality music that is comparable to the acoustic option, to the point that listeners prefer the sound of a high-quality digital instrument to that of a low-quality acoustic instrument.

Background on the Williams Digital Piano

williams legato 88 key digital piano

The company Williams Digital Pianos offers six digital keyboard options. While their name is not as well known as other piano brands, such as Yamaha or Kuwai, Williams is engaging in the music industry by presenting economically priced, effective piano models.

The Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano model is one of the most portable options offered by the company. This is in contrast to models such as the Symphony Grand or Overture 2.

The design is similar to the Allegro 2 Plus. Differences between the Legato and the Allegro include cost, sound library, polyphony and key type.

Playing a Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

williams legato 88 key digital piano

After trying out the piano for myself, I decided it is an excellent option for those who want to learn how to play piano or entertain a few years of piano lessons for a child. The plastic semi-weighted keys play warmly, however, the digital quality becomes apparent at the high and low ranges.

This instrument is not for high-level performances but can easily become a staple at family Christmas carol sing-alongs or the occasional Happy Birthday flourish. It only weighs 19 pounds, and it can be powered by batteries, which means it can tag along on long family road trips and stand in the corner during family vacations.

Also, an economical price and simple portability are influential features to consider when purchasing the product.

Accessory Suggestions

williams legato 88 key digital piano

Williams ESS1 Essentials Pack

The Williams ESS1 Essentials Pack is a must-have accessory when purchasing the Legato piano. Included are headphones, an adapter and a sustaining pedal. The AC adapter is required to play the piano without batteries and headphones allows the player to practice in private. A sustaining pedal allows a beginner player to learn pieces that require the use of a pedal.

Piano Bench

The Williams Piano Bench provides a comfortable, classic padded practice seat for the player. It is made from wood and has a glossy, ebony finish. The fixed height makes the 16-pound bench suitable for accompanying Williams piano models.

Keyboard Stand

The Williams Keyboard Stand is specifically designed for the Williams Legato model at a height that perfectly fits the aforementioned piano bench. It has an H-frame style for supporting the keyboard in any room of the house. An ebony color and modern sheen means it will blend in after completing a simple, user-guide directed self-assembly.

Piano Books

This Adult Level 1 Piano Course Book by William A. Palmer is an excellent resource for adults looking to study the basic of playing their new digital keyboard. Music theory, techniques and playing lessons are all found in one publication. A good piano book option to aid in guided lessons is William A. Palmer’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book.

Final Thoughts on the Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

An entry-level piano player will be satisfied with this piano. Despite basic, unexceptional levels of sound quality, the instrument provides a learner with a full-size keyboard and touch-sensitive keys that nearly mimic the action of playing an acoustic keyboard.

williams legato 88 key digital piano final thoughts

Additional sound features allow the player to experiment and have fun while also using the instrument to prepare for an upcoming concert or family event.

Finally, he ability to appreciate music is priceless, and the ability to create music is an opportunity that everyone should experience. And with a reasonable price of $199.99, this piano may be the tool that provides someone with that opportunity.

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