8 Benefits of Singing in the Shower

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January 12, 2024
Singing in the shower serves as a quirk of the comedic. It is a comic relief in movies or as a stereotype of awkward roommates or bumbling spouses. But singing in the shower is one of the best ways to practice and hone your skill. Whatever the reason you sing in the shower, it has benefits to your health, skills, and general well being. This is whether you sing for crowds of adoring fans or crowds of silent shampoo bottles.

singing in the shower

Better Acoustics

One of the greatest benefits of singing in the shower is the acoustics. Bathrooms have tile floors and fixtures made of porcelain, metal, glass, and little fabric like carpet to dampen sound. This creates a sort of echo chamber and makes your bathroom the ideal environment for practicing your singing. Sound waves bounce around off the hard surfaces. This increases the volume and allows more of the sound to return to your ears. Thus making it easier to hear yourself sing.

The effect of this acoustical environment makes you sound better. The echoing effect bouncing around in the small-tiled enclosure of your bathroom adds depth and richness to your voice. You don’t get that in a karaoke bar or choir practice. The secret is in the reverberation. When your voice bounces off the walls, instead of absorbing it right away, fills out the sound. Especially in the bass-quality undertones of your voice, adding body and depth.

singing in the shower

Improvement in Tone

 On a similar note, being able to hear yourself better will improve your awareness of your tone and pitch. Singing sustained notes in the shower draws attention to where the pitch is wavering, or your tone is thin or rough. You will also recognize if you're hitting every note when working through difficult or fast passages of music. Your bathroom acoustics work like a resonance chamber allowing you to hear tones clearly and enabling you to correct them. This phenomenon can help you develop perfect pitch if that’s your goal.
This tonal awareness occurs for the same reason that you sound better in the shower. That resonance that adds richness to your tone also makes it obvious when your pitch isn’t quite on par. When you hear this, you can use the echo to correct your tone. Thus you will learn how it feels in your mouth and throat when you finally hit it right.

singing in the shower

Better Volume Control

 With the better acoustics of the bathroom, you don’t have to strain your voice to hear yourself. This allows you to rest and relax your vocal cords. Thus allowing you to focus more on improving your tone and control than belting out every note. This also means that when you do sing out, you can hear all the nuances of your tone. Thus giving you a clearer perception of your natural volume.
On the other hand, because showering is a private activity, you can sing out as loudly as you want. Definitely without fear of judgment or critique. Don’t be afraid to belt out the lyrics of your favorite song. This can be the great stress relief and can start your day off with a good mood and energy.

singing in the shower

Higher Moisture Levels

 Have you ever tried to sing when you’re dehydrated? It can make your throat hurt, your notes scratchy, and your tone harsh. However, the steam released by a shower creates a humid environment ideal for singing. As you breathe deeply, you’ll inhale the moisture, allowing it to coat your throat, lungs, and vocal cords. Thus making for a smoother tone and less wear and tear on your voice. The warmer air created by the steam also prevents your vocal cords from cooling down and becoming tight or strained.
The humidity also adds to that tonal richness you get from the acoustics. When your vocal cords are appropriately moistened, they vibrate more cleanly and produce a more smooth and consistent sound. It also prevents your throat from drying out, so you can practice longer without straining or hurting your throat.

singing in the shower

No pressure

 Singing in the shower allows you to practice in a pressure-free environment. While singing in front of others may offer room for critique, singing in the shower is good for you. It lets you belt out your tunes without fear of criticism. This means you’ll sing without self-censorship, making it easier to hear your mistakes and correct them. You’ll also hear what you’re doing well, offering you a confidence boost and making you feel better about your skills. This, in turn, can improve your singing on its own. Singers that are more confident have better breathing skills, whereas low self-esteem causes you to want to hide your voice for fear of embarrassment. Better breath control, then, leads to better tone and volume control, which in turn improves your confidence even more. The cycle goes on, and it starts in your shower.
Use your shower practice time to work on problematic issues. You can smooth your passaggio, increase your range, or work through difficult passages of your music where you might stumble. But don’t forget to sing some fun stuff, too. All work and no play can cause you to burn out emotionally, so break up the serious work with a few favorite tunes that will boost your mood and your confidence.

singing in the shower

Singing in the shower oxygenates the bloodstream

 The deep breathing involved in singing counts as aerobic exercise. When you sing in the shower, it engages core muscles and diaphragm to fill your lungs and push out notes. Singing anywhere can improve your breathing and expand your lung capacity. Furthermore, the deep breaths you take to sing bring more oxygen into your lungs. Thus allowing it to spread throughout your body more effectively and improve your overall health.
In general, singing has been connected with lower blood pressure, stress reduction, and decreased the risk of heart disease. As you work out your upper body through singing and improve the oxygen levels in your bloodstream, it repairs and strengthens your muscles, including your heart, to defend against disease and weakness. Singing also lowers your levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress, which in turn improves your immune health and helps prevent infection.

singing in the shower

Singing in the shower is good for mental health

 Indeed, singing provides benefits to your mental health and triggers the release of oxytocin and endorphins in the brain. The deep breathing involved slows your heart rate and reduces anxiety. Also, the chemicals released in your brain cause pleasure and relaxation. Combined with the relaxing effect of the hot water in the shower, this can prove to be highly therapeutic.
Music is also known to make emotional connections. Songs that evoke a particular mood can cause you to feel the same way, so singing something happy, such as a favorite jam or something relaxing like a lullaby or slow song, can evoke those same emotions in you. This is why when you’re in a bad mood or feeling depressed, taking a shower and singing along with your favorite playlist can put you in a much better state of mind.

singing in the shower

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is an important part of developing and honing any skill. Anywhere you can practice your craft will help you to improve your singing. The shower is far from an exception. The more you practice any skill, the better you’ll get. Also, because the shower is an acoustic-friendly and pressure-free environment, practicing there can help you highlight problems you might not notice when practicing someplace less private and less soundproof. If you have little free time, the shower also offers you a chance to practice. You can practice while washing your hair, thus making this a valuable opportunity for those with a busy schedule.

Singing in the Shower: Final Thoughts

Honing your musical skills is a valuable hobby, whether or not you want or plan to sing professionally. Singing improves mental and physical health, provide relaxation and works out your core muscles. Your shower is the ideal environment in which to practice this skill because it offers great acoustics that adds richness to your voice, it provides humidity to keep your vocal cords moistened and in top shape, and it’s a private environment that eliminates pressure to be perfect and allows you to carefully assess areas in which you need to improve. Singing in the shower is a great way to work your passion into your busy schedule, so next time you’re soaping up, don’t be afraid to belt into your hairbrush microphone with abandon. Make sure to warm-up as well!

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