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December 14, 2023

How To Sing Like Your Favorite ArtistSure, you may a beginner when it comes to singing. but chances are that you will have a whole wack of memories belting out your favorite songs.

Probably in private...

But what if you wanted to sing more than just in private? Could you learn to control your voice so well that people can't tell the difference between your voice and the original artist?

There is...

How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

There's not some sexy little secret that I can tell you that will make you sing like Estelle.

The real key to singing success is training and practice - hours daily. Inly hard work can get you what you want.

Most famous singers take some formal training to really improve their voice.

Where to Start

Before you really start singing your favorite songs, you should know your notes and scales.

This will have significant advantages when you practice and train your voice. Professional singers have very good knowledge of notes, scales and the parts of the song which have subtle changes and may not seem obvious at first.


Here's a place that explains all about notes and scales.

Once you've learned all the notes and scales it's time to practice. You may not be perfectly on pitch at first, but you will be soon enough.

Practice singing the C Major Scale to start with “Do Re Mi...” This will definitely help you in the long run to get the notes right. Check this out to learn about getting the right pitch.

Singing Lesson

Once you're comfortable with the C scale, move onto other scales. Sing up and down the scale several times daily.

This will help train your voice to hit the right notes and sing on key properly. It can take months or years of practice and vocal exercises to really hone this skill.

Is There A Faster Way?

Yes, as a matter of fact there is. It's professional vocal training, either through a private vocal coach or online singing lesson.

My recommendation is some type of online program because vocal coaches are extremely expensive. These online vocal lessons are designed to take years of singing experience and drill them down into 2 month courses.

It's like having your own private vocal coach show you how to sing high and low, how to breathe, how to practice and so much more.

With the help of the best online singing lessons, you can master your voice and sing like a star in a matter of weeks, not months.

If you want to really train your voice and sing better fast, this is the best and quickest way to do it. You can also check out our tips on how to sing for a great vocal exercise you can do right now.

What To Do Now That You Can Sing Properly

how-to-sing-high-notesOnce you've got a handle on your voice and vocal chords (by getting some proper vocal training) you can start to practice specific styles and songs.

Listen to whatever song you want to sing over and over again until you can at least hum the entire song without mistake.

It'd be better to also know the lyrics to the song - if you can't figure it out there are many lyrics sites online that can help you.

Try This:

Plug in your headphones and sing without listening to yourself. Record this if you can.

Now, unplug the headphones and try to sing the song again.

You may notice a HUGE difference in what you thought you sounded like and how you actually do. Recording this allows you to make the changes necessary to your singing style to hit the perfect pitch and tone of your favorite singers.

If you have been practicing vocal training exercises then you'll be able to adjust as needed.


You might not get it right at first but soon you will get the hang of it. If you haven't taken any vocal training, you may be struggling for a while trying to hit certain notes and melodies.

The Most Important Part:

It's vitally important is to concentrate on what key the song is sung in and not stray at any time from the Major Scale on which it is based.

Finding the key to a song can be tricky, but most online singing lessons show you how. Hear and Play Vocal Mastery is a great example of this.

Additional Practice Tips

Additionally, the best method to practice singing songs is with a karaoke track.

You can think of karaoke as an instrumental version of the song which you can sing to and sing with. If somehow you are unsuccessful in getting a karaoke track then you can always sing to the original song.

But nowadays, you can pretty much get any song's instrumental online.

Remember to practice hard and understand the intricacies of the song. At some parts the vocalist may be taking very difficult approaches and transitions. Keep your ears open and apply your singing training to learning the song before singing it.

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