How to Improve Vocal Pitch While Singing

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December 13, 2023

Improve Your Singing PitchA vocalist’s main instrument is his or her singing voice. It needs to be finely tuned so it hits that perfect vocal pitch.

It can take years or training and practice to pull off the perfect pitch, but there are several things you can do to improve you pitch sooner.

What It Takes

Just like all of the other musicians out there, a vocalist must also constantly work hard to improve and maintain their overall ability.

Thus, practice and training remain at the centre of any well-thought-out plan to improve your singing pitch.

Just because a vocalist doesn’t have to pick up an instrument like the guitar or drums doesn’t necessarily mean that he can take it easy.

You need to practice every day in order to improve your singing voice. But more than that you need to be taught how to sing properly and effectively, without straining your voice.

That only comes through professional training.

The Alternative

In all honesty, the alternative is to struggle for years that get wasted searching the internet for free information on how to sing. There's a lot of good information out there, but it takes so long (years) to piece it all together and make significant improvement.

Even if you are able to find the proper vocal exercises and lessons, it will still take months to make any real difference.

What To Do

Vocal Pitch ImprovementIf you can't afford a professional vocal coach (I couldn't afford one back in the day - and I still don't have one now), then the best thing to do is get a singing course.

They are inexpensive and come with amazing lessons. It's like having your own private vocal coach in your home, available to you on call.

The best part though, is how they are structured. The way these vocal lessons are structured help you perfect your pitch and tone in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

That's because they are put together systematically to build upon each lesson.

They are truly invaluable, and the best way to improve your vocal pitch quickly. Check them out because you can try them all risk free. So they're pretty much, guaranteed to work.

Which vocal coach can say the same? Lol.

Some Tips You Can Implement Today

Here are some tips that you might want to take note of if you are planning on improving your vocal pitch while singing.

Hum the Happy Birthday Song

If you have a tape recorder handy, or any recording device for that matter, then you will want to continuously hum the Happy Birthday Song to yourself and record it.

Yeah, I know it sounds a little weird for you to be doing this, but trust me because this is for your own good.

Once you have recorded the song, play it back and notice how your voice sounds from outside your own head. If you feel like the sound is a little lacking, then you keep working at it until it sounds perfect.

(It's even better if you have a recording of it professionally sung to compare it to).

That will help you master pitch.

Take Note of Your Voices

After you have recorded the song, play it back and listen to your humming and try to compare your normal speaking tone to your singing voice.

Take note if your normal tone of voice is either too high or too low when compared to your singing voice.

Remember that if the two pitches (singing and speaking) sound similar to one another, then your voice is already at its normal pitch.

How to Lower Your Voice’s Tone

Here are some steps on how you can lower your voice pitch:

  1. Keep your muscles relaxed as tightening them will only cause your tone of voice to become raised.
  2. Try to internally conceptualize the thought that you are projecting your voice from chest instead of your head. If you do this, you should then notice that your voice will start to have a much deeper sounding pitch than normal.
  3. Practice speaking (in private mind you) while placing one of your hands on your chest. Do this so that you will be able to feel your chest vibrate while you are speaking.
  4. Try to work as consciously as you can during conversations so that you can recall your voice’s natural pitch. Practicing while in private will effectively ingrain this sort of vocal tone into your head to the point that it will all become second nature to you.


This will sound cliché, but you should try to practice as often as you can. There is simply no other way to improve your voice except through practicing religiously. Next, read this secret to improving your voice.

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