Rocket Piano Review

Rocket Piano ReviewThis rocket piano review provides you with testaments about the benefits of this tutorial .If playing the keyboard is one of your favorite pastimes, enhance your skill with the help of this courses.

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It is a series of eBooks, games and audio files which includes different lessons. This eBook provides tutorials for beginners as well as for advanced player. It has also coverage for the music notation and the techniques of the finger.

The games are also integrated with the piano tutorials. If you want to have a glimpse of this program, the following details can help you.

Main Features

  • The high quality eBooks are ideal for any players’ level, from beginner to advance.
  • It has contents of 57 instructional videos.
  • It also comes with games associated with the lessons. It has also quizzes perfect to attest the progress of the player.
  • It has also spiritual books.
  • It comes with a metronometo.
  • It has advancedsoftwares, the Keycellator and Chordinator.
  • It also offers 3o day access to Song Pond
  • E-mail support. Answers are given in a short span of time.

Benefits of this lesson

  • Since there are many instructional videos, it will offer more options for the player and it will also teach many techniques.
  • The Metronome to help you maintain in the perfect tempo.
  • The games provide great help in training the ear to listen to notes.
  • The keycellator is designed to enhance the skills in playing.
  • Since you have a 30- day accessto the song pond, it will allow you to learn many of your favouritemusic.
  • The chordinator provides tutorial about the ins and outs of the chords
  • The email support is very reliable. If you have queries about the videos and software, just send an email and they will give you the answer.


  • There is no progress tracking feature.
  • Lesson, there is no interaction. If you want to ask something, you have to send an email and wail for a time to have the response. In personal lessons, you can ask in an instant and you will receive the answer immediately.
  • If the player misinterprets details, it might minimize the efficiency of the piano lesson.

Customer Reviews

  • Players are amazed. You can get the best out of it when you purchase the entire course.
  • People who have not played for years begin with the help of these lessons
  • The instructional videos provided well explained videos.
  • You will not only have fun in playing the games but it will also help you in assessing your progress in the piano lesson.

This review of rocket piano shows that the program lets you position your finger on the perfect note. Whether it is your first time playing or you’re an advanced player, enhance your skill with these awesome lessons. Back to Lesson Reviews

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