Why Do Cats Hate Singing?

Even if you’re a talented singer, you may have noticed that your cat recoils at the sound of your voice. Why do cats hate singing? Is there anything you can do that will make your cat enjoy the sound of your voice? Read on to learn more about this common problem. BTW iI found a really good guide on multiple cat litter boxes here.

Cats Have Sensitive Hearing

Cats are natural predators, which has lead them to develop very sensitive senses of hearing. A sound that seems soft to you could be extremely loud to your can. If you’re singing at the top of your lungs, the noise could be overwhelming for your poor pet.

Since cats can hear so clearly, you won’t want to sing too loudly around them. Instead, try to keep your voice soft. If your cat isn’t being overwhelmed by the volume of your voice, they might be able to appreciate the sound of it a little bit more. If even soft singing is too much for your cat, your best bet is to save your singing for when your pet is in another room of the house.

Cats Don’t Enjoy The Same Type Of Music That Humans Do

In the past, people used to assume that cats just didn’t enjoy music. However, some reports suggest that cats actually love music. They just don’t enjoy the kind of music that humans like to listen to.

Cats don’t communicate in the same way that we do. If you listen to a cat meowing or purring, it won’t sound like a human talking at all. Researchers tried creating music that was modeled after cat vocalizations. Cats that were played this music loved it!

Cats don’t always love human music, but that doesn’t mean they hate music completely. Track down songs that were created specifically for cats. Try playing some of these tunes for your pet and see how they react. You might find that the love what they’re hearing!

Every Cat Is Different

While it’s very common to see cats react badly to the sound of someone singing, not all cats behave in this way. There are actually plenty of cats that love the sound of singing. In fact, there are even cats that like to sing along with their owners!

When it comes right down to it, every cat is different. One cat might loathe something that another cat loves. You shouldn’t assume that your cat hates the sound of singing if you’ve never sung for them before. Expose your cat to music so that you can see how they react. Get to know your cat so that you can learn more about their personal taste in music.

Why do cats hate singing? As you can see, cats react poorly to music for a number of reasons. If you work to deepen your understanding of cats and their behavior, it’ll be easier for you to get along with your pet. Even if your cat hates the sound of singing, you might be able to find music that both of you love. If you’re looking for singing lessons for yourself, and not your cat lol, then check out this post I found on the internet:

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