When talking about music, a Solo which comes from the Italian meaning of solo, which means alone, is a section or piece sung or played by one performer. In practice, solo singing and solo music can mean various things, dependent on the music type as well as the context. The word, Solo is often used for an act of the person performing the solo, which is known as “to solo” and in some cases for a performer, which is often referred to as the soloist.


There are varying philosophies about what happens to be the more important factors about solo singing. Many vocal instructors will agree that the more important factor has to do with passion. This includes the ability to pull on heartstrings of the people that listen to the song. Here are a few important aspects involved in singing.


There are many singers that breathe wrong when they sing. Breathing is essential if you want to sing successfully. Some important pointers to consider is to not use the shoulders when you are breathing. You should breathe from the gut, opposed to pushing out from your chest. When you inhale, make sure you are pushing out from the stomach.


When it comes to pitch you should never be afraid to hit certain notes, even when you feel they are not within your range. When it sounds strange or doesn’t feel right then avoid doing it as you could harm your voice.


Tone is explained as the sound of your unique voice. Whether your voice is pure or raspy or you have a specific twang, every singer will sound different. For this reason, make the most of what you have and don’t try to sing like someone else.


The most vital arsenal for any solo singer would have to be passion. If you are unable to feel the emotions, then there is not much point in having any lyrics. In fact, there are many singers out there who don’t have the perfect voice, but you are still drawn to their singing due to the emotion of the song.

This becomes easier when you write your own songs, but even when you are singing someone else’s song, you are still able to channel these feelings through to your listeners. If you are writing your own songs, make sure you think back to when you first had ideas for the song. You need to try and channel into the feelings which transported you to the exact point where you were able to put these words onto paper.

In most cases, you wrote this song for a reason and you need to focus on letting your listeners know your reasons for this song. If you are singing someone else’s song, make sure you learn the lyrics so that they become burned into your memory. In this way you also don’t have to worry about becoming distracted by having to read the lyrics, because you already know them by heart. The most important part about singing is to make it personal and allow the lyrics to take over who you are, regardless of whether you are signing someone else’s song, or you wrote the song yourself.

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