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December 25, 2023

singing in your high mixAre you an aspiring singer who wants to make a successful career out of singing? You might have taken online singing lessons and tried all singing exercises yet you are still having trouble hitting those high notes. Many people have been singing flawlessly, but when that high note comes, they break into falsetto. It can be frustrating if you cannot properly connect your voice and tie them together to sound great.

This is where singing in your high mix comes into play. To develop a great singing voice, you have to find your mixed voice. Although it is one of the most difficult parts of singing, finding your mixed voice is one of the most rewarding skills to develop. It will give your voice flexibility and you will be able to sing powerful high notes without breaking.


What Is Mixed Voice?

To understand this better, let’s take a quick look at the three main vocal registers.

  • Chest Voice – This is the voice we generally speak in; the lowest part of our voice. It produces a deeper and fuller sound that makes vibrations in your chest when you are singing.
  • Head Voice – This is the highest part of the singing voice. It produces a lighter sound and the resonance is primarily in the nasal or head cavity.
  • Mixed Voice – is the bridge between your chest and head voice. Singing in your mixed voice gives you the best of both worlds: the full texture of the low notes and the lighter sound of the high notes. Blend them together to make the melodious mixed voice.

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To make your vocal registers work together, sing in your chest voice first and imagine your voice travelling up to your head voice. This makes a mixed voice.


Benefits Of The Mixed Voice

Hitting those high notes will be much easier in the mixed voice. You will also increase your vocal range and power while eliminating voice strain. By learning how to sing in your high mix, your vocal chords and breathing will begin to function very efficiently. Once you have mastered your mixed voice, your chest and head voice will likely improve. You will be able to sing very high notes without feeling like you are about to burst a blood vessel.


How to Sing In Mixed Voice

What you want to do is find your head voice first and maybe even working up to it. Just sneak your way up there to your head voice. If you are going to falsetto, put a G in front of the phrase to get some chord closure and find your head voice that way. A lot of times, singers cup their ears so they can hear themselves as they sing.

Perform some exercises first like the lip roll or the dopey mum sound. It takes the strain off your voice and allows you to move up through your vocal registers very smoothly. Once you find the coordination, sneak the lyrics in place of where the exercise was as quickly as you can.

Here is a great video that will show you how to sing in your high mix.

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