Great Breathing Exercises For Singers

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December 24, 2023

Many people who want to learn how to sing have probably heard that correct breathing is essential to good singing, but do they truly understand how to do that? Although breathing is done naturally, many people, including singers, are confused about breathing correctly to some degree.

thesingerscorner - voice-exercisesKnowing how to breathe the right way is an important aspect to control your breathing and in turn control your singing voice. To understand how breath management works, you must first understand the mechanism that breathing uses to function well.

The diaphragm is a muscle system that surrounds your lungs and extends across the bottom of the ribcage.  When you breathe in, the muscles contract and the diaphragm moves downward, making space for the air that comes in. At the same time, it moves outward causing the rib cage to expand.

When you breathe out, the bottom part of the lungs is compressed and the diaphragm moves upward, allowing air to escape. It also allows the ribs to get back into place, which causes them to compress the lungs and squeeze out the rest of the air.

Without the diaphragm and the surrounding muscles that support the breathing mechanism, air cannot enter or leave the lungs. If there is no air, the vocal folds cannot vibrate. Without this vibration, no sound or voice will be produced.

Since we can actively control our breathing, it is possible to develop our breathing skills needed for the extended duration and intensity of singing. The development of breath management technique is essential for the various dynamics and demands of singing. Having the correct breathing technique will not only help improve your vocal pitch while singing but will also help prevent voice injury.

Here is a video that will demonstrate great breathing exercises for singers. Study and practice these exercises until they become second nature to you. When the time has come for you to become a professional singer, just take a big breath and sing!

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