How To Sing Your Favorite Songs

You may a beginner to singing, but more chances are that you will have a list of songs you would want to be singing right away. Although it is not recommended that you start singing right away, there are a few tips you may find helpful if you are preparing for a show that has just come up and you need to sing your favorite songs in front of an audience. The key is practicing at least a couple of hours daily and only hard work can get you what you want, apart from a lot of dedication from your side. And to take some formal training to really improve your voice.

Before you really start singing your favorite songs, you should know your notes and scales. This will have significant advantages when you start singing the actual songs, because professional singers who may have sung the songs would have had a very good knowledge about their scales and the parts of the song which have subtle changes and may not seem obvious at first if you do not know how difference of scales sounds. Practice singing the C Major Scale which goes like “Do Re Mi…” This will definitely help you in the long run to get the notes right. Check this out to learn about getting the right pitch.

Listen to the song over and over again until you can at least hum the entire song. Now, you need to write down or download the lyrics from online resources and sing along with the song. The best way is to plug in your headphones and sing without listening to yourself. Now, unplug the headphones and try to sing the song again. You might not get it right at first but if you have practiced singing exercises before, then you will get the hang of the tune. Important is to concentrate on the scale and not to stray at any time from the Major Scale on which the song is based.

Additionally, the best method to practice singing songs is with a karaoke track. You can think of karaoke as an instrumental version of the song which you can sing to and sing with. If somehow you are unsuccessful in getting a karaoke track then contact a DJ or a friend who knows how to extract the instruments from a song and play it like an instrumental song.

Remember to practice hard and understand the intricacies of the song. At some parts the vocalist may be taking very difficult alterations and transitions. Keep your ears open and learn the song before singing it.


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