How To Sing High Notes (Falsetto)

How To Sing High Notes (Falsetto)When it comes to learning how to sing high notes, women usually have the vocal edge against men because their voices are naturally higher in pitch. However, this does not mean that male vocalists will not be able to reach the same vocal range as the average female singer.

With a little bit of vocal training, any singer can sing beautiful high notes perfectly on pitch.


What’s Falsetto?

Singing in a higher pitch is known as falsetto, which basically means “false voice.” This technique allows male singers to reach notes and vocal ranges that are normally sung by women naturally.

The origin of this term is a rather morbid one, derived from the choirs in the Middle Ages.

Wait… What?

Back then some male singers were castrated so that they could sing in a higher tone. The “castrato” falsetto had been used in many European choirs throughout the 16th to 19th centuries.

So how exactly can you learn how to sing falsetto without the uh… unnecessary surgery? Here are a couple tips that will help you along the way.

Take Deep Breaths

A singer’s main source of “power” comes from his or her breathing. Whenever you breathe you must do so through your diaphragm.It will be hard to do this at first, but with proper training you should be able to get this technique down in no time at all.

And you should also remember to take some deep breaths before you start singing falsetto (if possible) as this will help you warm up.

Sing From Your Upper Throat, Not Chest

Most singers are used to projecting their voices from their chests instead of their throats. If you want to learn how to sing falsetto then you are going to have to make some necessary adjustments.

Singing and projecting your voice from your upper throat instead of your chest will allow only the outer edges of your vocal chords to vibrate instead of the entire vocal chord.  This will help raise your voice in the process.

Try Putting Your Hand On Your Chest

It might look like you are singing your country’s national anthem, but trust me when I say that it can help a lot, especially when practicing.

Place one of your hands on your chest while you sing. If you feel any part of your chest vibrating as you are singing, then you are still singing in your normal voice range.

Remember that you need to project your voice from your upper throat and not your chest, or you’ll end up singing in your normal voice register.

Practice Adding More Styles

If you want your falsetto voice to adapt to different kinds of music, then you should try to practice adding more styles and tonalities.

If you practice this long enough, then you should be able to sing falsetto in other musical genres whether it is metal, R&B, hard rock, or even opera.

Need some more advice? Here is one great secret to singing higher notes better.


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